At Punjab Grill, we strive to put amazing north-western food on your plate with all its rich flavour and authentic taste. Our aim is to make your every meal an elite affair while keeping “Pind Di Khushboo” intact. Here, the traditionally rich north-western food meets modern international art of cooking. Apart from the delicious Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni, and Lassi, we have seasonal cuisines which will delight your taste buds and leave you asking for more!


Punjab Grill Being Featured

Punjab Grill has always been a favorite child of food journalists from all over. The food section of leading newspapers of the country or popular most food blogs Punjab Grill has managed to be featured with all its extravagance.

Punjab Grill in News

The Gourmet Fine Dining restaurant is highly acclaimed for its grand royal luxury dining experience and serving the exquisite flavors of authentic North Indian delicacies. It consistently grabs media attention be it with its new recipes or its unique celebrations.


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